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About Us

The Balidoo company is a Croatian fashion company for the manufacture of clothes. It was founded in 2001 as a small family enterprise. With years of diligent, dedicated and hard work, the company has grown and developed its range of products, keeping abreast with the latest standards as well as the modernisation of the manufacturing processes, equipment and installations.

After years and years of working with the European fashion brands Marc Cain GmbH (Germany) and Wolford AG (Austria), the company has gained extensive expertise and experience in all spheres of textile clothes manufacture – from foundation garments for newborn babies to top-quality evening dresses for women.

Nowadays, the Balidoo company employs more than 100 workers. It continues to grow – in terms of the number of employees, expansion of the manufacturing capacities and increase of the income form sales – which automatically results in increased income for all of its employees.

The Balidoo clothes collection for children aged 0-8 is designed around several key principles, which are simultaneously the goal, mission and strategy of the company for future periods: the quality of the materials and manufacturing, comfort supported by innovative design, and the environmental aspect of manufacturing without plastics.

For the development of the Balidoo brand, the concept of the appearance of the finished product has been fundamentally changed. We are particularly proud of our Pandaorganic products for newborn babies. They are manufactured from organic cotton, extremely soft and tender to touch, which is especially important in the first several days after birth.
All materials incorporated in the finished product are OekoTeks certified, the print is exclusively water-based, the plastic laces have been replaced by cotton laces, the packaging and boxes are made of recycled materials, while the PVC adhesive tape has been replaced with a paper packaging tape with glue based on potato starch. The Balidoo products for newborns, babies and small children are manufactured in the manner that is more environmentally friendly and comfortable for the people making them.

The combination of those elements brings out indescribable love toward the child and tells a story all generations look forward to; first of all children, followed by their parents and grandparents, who delight in the purchase of quality clothes for their young generation.

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